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Feel free to call 360-354-1212 for an appointment or send us an e-mail to: K9LapofLuxury@aol.com

 Hours of operation by appointment only Monday-Saturdays. Closed Sundays.


The Location
Our Spa is located on 14-acres of private property in the heart of Lynden's farmlands. With views of surrounding mountains, and lush green fields, the quiet solitude of the area makes the perfect location for a Spa retreat for you and your canine pal. The Spa is conveniently located 12 miles North of Bellingham, Washington and a mere 3 miles South of Canada. Of the 13+ canine water therapy pools in Washington State, we are the only one to serve all of Whatcom county.

The Pool

During the design process, we searched for a pool that would offer ease of entry and exit as well as one that would allow for any and all sizes of canines. The decision to use an in-ground pool was guided by those priorities. We were happy to find the perfect pool for our needs. Our 8,500 gallon pool measures 11' X 27' and gradually slopes to a depth of 5'6". Our in-ground pool meets the edge of the heated concrete floor with ample room to walk around it. Our pool allows for ease of entering and exiting without the need for stairs or ramps outside of it. The brushed concrete floor is smooth on paw pads and feet while offering a safe, non-skid surface. Our pool is cleansed using a UV system that does not require the use of harsh chemicals and therefore is especially easy on skin and coats while maintaining crystal clear water.


The Interior Environment
We designed the pool room interior with the privacy of each client at the fore. During your session, you will not be interrupted by the next client or the last client. We created a flow to the rooms that allows for the utmost privacy for you and your canine during your session. We believe that your session is ALL yours and we do not allow your canine to be stressed by suddenly seeing another client's dog. When you arrive you'll enter into the greeting area, be checked in and await your turn in the pool room. Once you've completed your swim, you'll have the option of bathing and drying your dog in your own room as well as have use of a private exercise area.
With a generous area surrounding the pool, comfy chairs and the sounds of soft, soothing music your session will be a relaxing experience for you and your canine.

Our Staff

≈ Has comprehensive and extensive training in canine water therapy techniques with the safety of your canine companion as our priority.
≈ Is Certified in Small Animal Massage offering both water and land bodywork.
≈ Have years of experience working with canines in the areas of: proper handling techniques, behavior, and psychology.
≈ Will work with your healthcare provider to design a swim program.
≈ Has a genuine affinity for all canines. We look forward to working together to achieve the highest level of wellbeing possible for your canine companion.
While swimming at our Spa, your visit is sure to put you and your canine companion in the Lap of Luxury.


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≈ Pre & Post Surgery
≈ Improved Mobility & Circulation
≈ Increased Muscle Strength & Endurance
≈ Weight Management
≈ Geriatrics

≈ Competition & Show Conditioning
≈ Build Confidence & Reduce Anxiety
≈ Safe Exercise
≈ Bonding Experience
≈ Increased Overall Health & Well-being
≈ Fun For You and Your Canine

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